Facilities Audits /Consulting

Eco-Industrial has a different business model than most energy management companies. Typically, a company will collect facility and utility data by conducting an audit, creating a report, and presenting said report. Then, that’s the end of the relationship.

What do you, as the customer do from here? You have this report in your hands, but how do you implement their suggestions?

Eco-Industrial offers a turn-key solution. Once our audit is complete and we have the data compiled in a presentation, we can offer you the right services and materials to fit your project, all from one place. Forget hiring 5 different contractors for several different projects:  we can offer you a one-stop-shop. For example, if Eco-Industrial determines that your lighting systems could be updated with more energy-efficient fixtures and sensors, we can offer the lighting update as part of your audit package. See case study for a project Eco performed on the Ft. Benjamin Harrison YMCA, below.



  • Detailed review of facilities and operating costs/budgets
  • Energy assessments
  • Security/Safety risk review
  • Vendor review/RFP development
  • Laser Scanning/Building Information
  • Modeling (BIM)
  • Benchmarking & Operating Recommendations


  • Computer Maintenance Management
  • Systems (CMMS) review and implementation and reporting
  • Asset/Inventory Management
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Systems


  • Interim or long term management
  • Development and implementation of preventative maintenance programs
  • Capital budget program


The Challenge

In today’s global economy there is significant pressure on companies to find new ways to reduce operating costs.
People, technology and facilities represent an organization’s largest investments. Maximizing these resources is at the core of SHK’s services

The Strategy

Our strategy requires listening to you, understanding your mission and then developing specific plans that support the organizational objectives and goals. Once you are satisfied the plans meet your objectives, we can either end the engagement or work directly with your staff to implement the plans. In almost all cases, an audit or survey of the facility or functional area occurs to gather information and communicate with staff regarding the issues.

The Result

By strategically leveraging and operating facilities through the implementation of best practices, organizations’ can save significant dollars in such areas as energy, janitorial, maintenance repairs, sourcing, construction and security.

We have identified savings for our clients from $300k to over $1,000,000 from audits of their facilities and supporting functions. We are experts at quickly and accurately assessing where areas of improvement in costs or operating efficiency can occur.